Kore Goddess
I noticed you enjoy having your breasts tied up, when did you get into bondage

I have been into bondage since I was 6. Horton hears a who was a big influence.

How often do u have anal sex baby?

ALmost everytime I have sex. So like 5 to 15 times a week.

Why are so many people scared of horny women ?

Why are so many people scared of horny women ?

ok, curious, who's the lucky bastard doing you in your vids and pics? i'm so envious! I wanna do you, damn it all!

My husband :)

So Goddess, whats new with you!!!??? we haven't heard a peep from ms sexy butt

Because I am being obnoxious on twitter :)

you're fucking awesome! love your look. hail Kore Goddess!

thank you :)

thank you for following me here, Ive been seeing your profile on xhamster, you're gorgeous!!!

thank you :)

I finally just noticed how to follow back all of my followers.

About fucking time :)